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The Baird's Tapir Project of Costa Rica News

Playa and Sol's Baby

August 17, 2008

Prima's baby has been named Winn by a loyal tapir supporter. This is the only picture we have of Winn along with the lucky mother. View all babies »

Mamasota on the Move

August 14, 2008

In Kendra's most recent trip to Costa Rica she discovered that Mamasota has moved out of Zone 2. The new dominant female is Prima, who just had her first baby named Beckham.

Playa and Sol's New Baby

June 21, 2008

Kendra just got back from Costa Rica and there are some new babies! Prima had a baby that is about 1-2 months old and we're working on getting the pictures posted. Playa and Sol (zone 1) also had a baby that we need to name! Check out the name-a-tapir page to learn how you can participate in selecting a name.

Project Mamasota

April 8, 2008

We're currently raising $800 to help with a project to study Mamasota as she ages. She has been getting thinner and we want to follow her around to understand if her behavior is changing. Visit the Mamasota page to learn more, or the donation page to help with this project

World Tapir Day

April 3, 2008

Join us in celebrating the inaugural World Tapir Day on April 27! It's our opportunity to raise awareness of this amazing animal.


We now have three baby tapirs just waiting to be named! Adopt a tapir and you may just get to name one of the babies!

Meeting Webmasters Chuck and Amanda

When I was in the field in February of 2007 I had the amazing pleasure of meeting Chuck and Amanda. I had exchanged an email or two with them saying I was going to be in Corcovado and that I would love to meet Tapir fans! I get several emails saying that people want to meet me in Costa Rica but not very many people actually meet me. So I was sitting down after the sun went down and Chuck and Amanda walked up to the back lab. We hit it off right away since we had tapirs in common and the plan brewed to start a tapir web site. This is something that had always been in the back of my mind but I did not have the talent of being able to construct a web site. Well Chuck instantly said that he would love to help and I was not going to let that opportunity slip away. I am pretty sure that I emailed him before he even returned from Costa Rica. Now you can see the amazing work he does here as well as at Kuposoft. Thank you so much Chuck and Amanda.

New Babies!!!

There were two new babies born in July 2006. Mamasota had a baby Bejuca (pictured here) and Prima had a baby who has yet to be named!