Orangutans helping Orangutans.

After realizing the potential of orangutans in zoos to contribute toward wild orangutan conservation, we decided in 2008 to see if our orangutans were interested. The orangutans choose whether or not they want to paint. The first painting sessions resulted in a few simple dots of paint on paper, and a lot of broken paint brushes. By giving small treats (positive reinforcing) each time the orangutan dipped their brush into the paint, and each time they touched brush to the paper, they quickly caught on. Within a few weeks, four adult orangutans were creating unique pieces of art!

Unique Benefits of Orangutan Art
– Painting enriches the orangutans’ lives and stimulates their minds.
– This is a unique opportunity for the orangutans that live at CMZoo to help their wild counterparts.
– Every time a painting is purchased, 50% of the proceeds go to orangutan conservation.
– We know every time someone looks at orangutan art on display, they’ll be reminded how amazing and intelligent these great apes are!

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CMZ Orangutan Profiles

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