Non-profit organizations and schools will be considered for a donation of admission passes if the following Donation Guidelines are met:

  1. Requesting organizations must be located in the geographic Front Range/I-25 corridor from Denver to Pueblo.
  2. Organizations must have a current non-profit, tax-exempt IRS 501 (c)(3) status (a photocopy of the current letter must be provided upon request from the Zoo).
  3. School donations must directly support the educational programs of the applying school.
  4. Priority will be given to organizations providing services to families in need, with particular emphasis on organizations providing early intervention services to help strengthen families.

Donations will not be made to the following:

– Church or religious group fundraisers, including youth group fundraisers. Parochial schools or education programs emphasizing early intervention services to help families, however, are encouraged to apply.
– Political fundraisers or organizations that are perceived to be political in any way.
– School carnivals, bazaars, raffles, door prizes, prom events or events that do not directly support a school’s educational programs.
– Recognition events for employees including holiday parties, picnics, and other employee recognition events.
– Individuals, sports teams, performing groups or races.
– Third party fundraisers or sales promotions.

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