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The Baird's Tapir Project of Costa Rica
Sirena the tapir
January 2003
Home Range
Zone 2
A GPS collar so that I can be followed to my new home range


Sirena is the last female offspring that Mamasota has had. Most offspring are very shy and keep their distance from people. When Sirena was 4 months old and had just barely lost her spots, her mom, Mamasota, was anesthetized. Sirena was nervous. One minute she is walking next to her and the next Mama is lying on the ground with people all around her. I (Kendra) was one of the people surrounding Mamasota at the time. It was a routine procedure to change her collar. I was kneeling next to Mamasota when I felt something touching my back. I looked and it was no other than the cute little Sirena! I was very excited, in fact, I could hardly contain myself. I was nuzzled by a baby tapir! Sirena did not have too much time to be nervous. Within minutes Mamasota was up and walking around. Sirena has ever since been one of my favorites. She currently is roaming Corcovado National Park for a home range.

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