Every visit to the Zoo is conservation in action, because every admission raises 75¢ for Quarters for Conservation (Q4C). Since Q4C started in 2008, guests and members have raised $5 million to support frontline conservation partners and breed-and-release programs to protect and restore endangered (or even extinct!) species in the wild.

Through membership dues, our members contribute $25,000 to Quarters for Conservation every year, too!

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Learn about how every visit to CMZoo raises money for conservation projects and partners all around the world – and right here in Colorado. From enormous ‘big tusker’ African elephants in Kenya to tiny Wyoming toads in the Laramie Basin, CMZoo’s guests and members are saving wildlife and wild places just by coming to the Zoo.

Conservation Projects

Click on the Q4C projects below for their details, latest news and updates.

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Quarters for Conservation (Q4C)

Your Support can Change the World. One of the most impactful ways Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and its guests help wildlife conservation is through its Quarters for Conservation (Q4C) program. Since 2008, those quarters and coin donations have added up, now reaching a major milestone: more than $4 million raised! By collecting quarters and other coins, we fund new and existing wildlife conservation projects, provide an opportunity to engage our staff and our community in the effort, and significantly expand our contributions to wildlife conservation in Colorado and around the globe. Every contribution matters!
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How Q4C Works:
  1. From the fees you pay to the Zoo, we will allocate the following amounts to biodiversity conservation projects; 75¢ per each admission fee, $2.50 per individual plus membership, $5 per family or higher membership, and a portion of each education and animal program.
  2. On every visit, you’ll receive three “quarter” tokens. Learn about each project and contribute to the project(s) you’d like to fund by using these tokens, or your spare change, to show your support at the token kiosks, located inside at the Zoo’s Entry Plaza. Take some time as you visit animal exhibits, hear keeper talks, see natural behavior shows or read signage around the Zoo, and discuss this information with your family and friends. Discover suggestions as to how you can make a difference in preserving our planet’s limited resources and help the Q4C projects that you wish to support.
  3. Additional contributions can be made with real quarters – 100% of any added contributions will go toward the selected project. (Total contributions are calculated annually, May through April.)

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Through Q4C, you’ll be directly supporting critical conservation projects every time you visit the Zoo!


Protecting the Future Together

Our members play a key role in deciding which new causes the Zoo adds to the list. Each year, members vote on causes to determine additional funding. Learn more about the causes they voted on this year, and become a member today.

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Even more than making memories for a lifetime… $100,000 of membership revenue annually goes directly to the Zoo’s field conservation efforts. Our members are committed to saving species locally and globally!
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Ongoing Conservation Support

There’s never been a more important time for each of us to take a stand for wildlife and our environment.

Join us in safeguarding the future of planet Earth!